About RMS

Helping UBC plan for the best and mitigate the worst

Risk Management Services (RMS) ensures the University operates effectively by identifying and reducing risks that could affect the University’s ability to achieve its academic mission.

RMS empowers faculty members, researchers, staff members and students to manage and mitigate risks on UBC’s campuses. The unit also enables UBC’s executive team to incorporate risk management into the University’s governance and operations.

As a service department, RMS provides expertise and leadership to University units through education, training, and advice. In return, RMS relies on those units to help identify and assess risks in their local areas, support the development and delivery of programs, and comply with regulations and legislation.

The RMS team is comprised of experts in enterprise risk management, insurance, environmental management, occupational and research safety, emergency management, insurance and loss protection, and personal information security.

Using an integrated Enterprise Risk Management framework, RMS works with the University partners to identify, assess, and mitigate UBC’s strategic, academic, operational, and financial hazards and reputational risks.

RMS also provides support for UBC to comply with provincial and federal legislation and regulations.

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Enterprise Risk Management at UBC

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is our framework to support strategic and operational decision-making

Our Vision & Commitments

Our commitment is to support and enhance UBC’s institutional strategy, resilience and reputation