Our Vision & Commitments

Risk Management helps UBC plan for the best and mitigate the worst using an integrated Enterprise Risk Management framework. We work with faculty, researchers, students, and administration to identify, assess, and mitigate UBC’s strategic, academic, operational, financial, hazard, and reputational risks.

What is RMS’s vision?

RMS will be a source of empowerment and enablement to the UBC community by weaving risk management into the fabric of the way UBC operates. Together, RMS and the UBC community will view risk management as critical to implementing the University’s strategy.
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What are RMS’s commitments?

We are steadfast in our commitment to support and enhance UBC’s institutional strategy, resilience and reputation by:

  1. Creating and sustaining an Enterprise Risk Management culture:
    • Risk management lens embedded into the governance structure
    • Integrated, collaborative and empowered to collectively manage risk at UBC
  2. Partnering with and enabling our UBC community:
    • Collaborative work environment for collective outcomes and successes
    • Coordinated approach, highly communicative, pragmatic, informative and supportive
  3. Enabling a safe and secure environment:
    • Enable informed risk taking in a safe and secure environment through education and support
    • Provide programs which are sustainable and evolve with a changing risk environment
  4. Being a trusted advisor:
    • Recognized and sought out center of excellence in the field of risk management
    • Expertise delivered to professional standards

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