News from RMS

Pink Shirt Day at the VPFO: February 27

Building Operations is hosting the entire VPFO for a portfolio-wide conversation about respect, diversity, and inclusion. All VPFO employees, including everyone from Risk Management Services, are invited on February 27 to the University Services Building for cake, coffee, and an opportunity to connect and talk about respect.

After the shaking stops: continuing to plan for a resilient campus

Since 2016, a team of UBC staff, leading faculty earthquake experts, and engineering consultants has been studying how to protect lives, research programs, infrastructure, and assets on the university’s Vancouver campus in the event of a catastrophic earthquake.

Scheduled disruptions to RMS safety training practical sessions

Due to scheduled renovations of our teaching laboratory, there will be interruptions to the practical training sessions of the RMS Biosafety, Chemsafety and Radiation Safety training programs starting February 2019.

Avoid slips, trips, and falls this winter with some simple tips

We’re coming into ice and snow season on campus, where can be a greater risk of slips, trips or falls. Practice safe winter walking to help you stay on your feet this winter.

Safety Day gathers campus safety leaders for learning and recognition

On October 3, over 200 Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) and Local Safety Team (LST) members from across UBC Vancouver gathered in the Nest’s Great Hall to celebrate and recognize achievement in making UBC Vancouver a safer place to work.