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What you need to know now to be prepared for an emergency

An emergency, disaster, accident or injury can occur at any time and without warning. Being prepared to handle an emergency is an individual as well as an organizational responsibility.

World Backup Day—plan to back up your devices on March 31st

What would you do if you lost everything? On March 31, celebrate World Backup Day. Most people have lost important files on their electronic devices at some point in their lives. Computer hard drives can crash, smartphones get stolen, soup can be spilled on laptops, and software viruses or malware can delete your files. If […]

Hot water quality at UBC

Due to unexpected equipment (i.e. heat exchanger) failures, HOT WATER quality is being monitored across campus. In an abundance of caution, we are posting notices at all HOT WATER faucets in 56 building complexes that contain the problematic heat exchangers. In effected campus buildings we have begun daily visual inspections of mechanical rooms and their […]

Seismic upgrades at UBC

Infrastructure Development is creating a prioritized action plan for each at-risk building on the Vancouver campus using the work of UBC’s seismic researchers as well as the most current thinking in seismic engineering, building resilience, and business continuity. With a campus the size of a small city, each step of our plan will take some time […]

Don’t take the bait: recognizing phishing emails

People who want to steal your information can be clever. There has been a dramatic increase in phishing emails over the years and it’s important to be able to spot a suspicious email that’s angling to steal your information. The most common information security breaches are due to unintended disclosures and hacking or malware, often […]