Emergency and Non-Emergency Numbers

An emergency, disaster, accident or injury can occur at any time and without warning. Listed below are all the emergency as well as non-emergency numbers at UBC to assist you with getting to help as quickly as possible.

Emergency 911

What are the Emergency and Essential Phone Numbers?



Campus First Aid
(UBC Workers Only)
Hazardous Material Response
(Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services)
UBC Hospital Urgent Care
(8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.)
Poison Control Centre 604-682-5050
Campus Security
(For an Emergency call 911)

Download the UBC Emergency & Safety Contacts Poster (WORD)

Download the UBC Emergency & Safety Contacts Poster (PDF)

For other frequently called numbers, please see the section entitled “Non-Emergency Numbers“.
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What information is required when I dial 911?

  • Describe the Emergency
  • Location
  • Building Name
  • Building Address & Room #
  • Phone Number
  • Do NOT hang up as additional information may be needed

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When should I call 911?

  • An event that involves an immediate threat to a person or property (e.g. bomb threat, attack, gunshot, fire, car accident)
  • Medical emergency (e.g. fall, head trauma, severe burn, uncontrollable bleeding, persistent or sudden chest pain, breathing emergency, severely altered level of consciousness)
  • A serious crime that is in progress or that has just occurred (e.g. sexual assault, robbery, fight, break and enter [if there is a suspect on scene] or a report of an impaired driver)

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How do I know if it is an emergency?

  • Err on the side of caution. Tell someone: a co-worker, a supervisor or call 911

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What other resources are available?

Resource Non-Emergency Number
Access & Diversity 604-822-5844
Ambulance (E-Comm) 604-872-5151
AMS Safewalk 604-822-5355
AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC) 604-827-5180
Building Operations Call Centre (Trouble Calls) 604-822-2173
Campus Security 604-822-2222
Counselling Services – Employee & Family Assistance Plan (Faculty & Staff) 1-800-387-4765
Counselling Services (Students) 604-822-3811
Equity & Inclusion Office 604-822-6353
Fire Department (Fire Prevention) 311
Office of the Ombudsperson for Students 604-822-6149
RCMP – University Detachment 604-224-1322
Risk Management Services 604-822-2029
Student Health Services 604-822-7011


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