University Health & Safety Committee (UHSC)-Joint Committee

The University Health & Safety Committee (UHSC) is comprised of 24 members with representation from management and various employee groups on campus. In addition, a number of other University community members serve as technical resources to the UHSC. The UHSC mandate is to advise, assist and make recommendations on policy and procedures to improve health, safety and personal security of faculty, staff, students and the general public while at the University.

University Health & Safety Committee composition

Who are the Co-Chairs of the UHSC?

Members of the Committee shall bi-annually elect one Faculty and Staff (Worker) representative and one Management (Employer) representative as Co-chairs at the June meeting. Both offices may not be held by Faculty and Staff representatives or by Management-nominated representatives at the same time. The nominating committee will consist of the current Co-chairs will develop a list of candidates for the position of Co-chair. The nominated candidates are distributed to all Committee members prior to the May meeting. Elections are held at the June meeting.

The current co-chairs of the UHSC are Markus Fengler, Faculty Association (Worker Representative) and John Metras, Infrastructure Development (Management/Employer Representative).

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Who are the worker representatives of the UHSC?

Faculty and Staff representatives shall be selected in accordance with Section 128(1) Selection of Worker Representatives in the Workers’ Compensation Act. Efforts should be made to ensure all major work groups or areas are represented on the Committee. Faculty and Staff Unions and Associations may each select the number of representatives to sit on the Committee. According to the UHSC Terms of Reference the university has allocated the following union, associations and groups be represented on the UHSC:

  • CUPE 116 – Two Members
  • CUPE 2950 – Two members
  • IUOE 882 – One Member
  • Faculty Association – Two members
  • AAPS – Two members
  • CUPE 2278 – Two members
  • BCGEU – One Member
  • NUT – One Member

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Who are the management representatives of the UHSC?

University Management representatives shall be appointed by the VP of Finance with representation from each of the following Management groups.

  • Athletics and Recreation – Managing Director
  • Building Operations – Managing Director
  • Campus and Community Planning – Assoc. VP
  • Campus Security – Director
  • Faculty of Arts – Dean or Assistant Dean
  • Faculty of Medicine/or Applied Science – Dean or Associate Dean
  • Infrastructure Development or/ Facilities Planning- Managing Director
  • Communications and Community Partnership – Managing Director (Communications and Marketing)
  • Student Health Service – Director
  • Student Housing and Hospitality Services – Managing Director

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What are the terms of reference for the UHSC?

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UHSC Training

What training is available to UHSC members?

In order for members of the UHSC to fully understand and carry out their roles and responsibilities, UBC offers an online Health & Safety Committee Training followed by a half day practical session. The course covers: roles and responsibilities and various safety program elements. In the practical session, the participant will learn how to conduct a workplace inspections and review incident/accidents.

It is recommended that this training be completed as soon a practical after becoming a member of the UHSC.

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University Health & Safety Committee minutes and information

2017 University Health & Safety Committee minutes

All meetings (4th Tues every month) are held in the Donald Rix Building, Room 344 and start at 10:30 a.m.

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Inspection reports received from WorkSafeBC

See inspection reports received from WorkSafeBC

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