Safety Programs

Occupational safety is an area concerned with the safety of people engaged in work or employment. Workers require mandatory, site specific and job specific training prior to starting work.

Accident/Incident Reporting

All incidents and accidents must be reported to a supervisor and on-line through the UBC CAIRS as soon as possible following the incident/accident.

First Aid

Information on First Aid services for faculty, staff, students and visitors at UBC Vancouver campus.

General Safety

It is the intent of UBC to provide a safe, healthy and secure environment for all members of its faculty, staff, students and visitors.

Mandatory Training for All UBC Workers

As a new employee, a number of courses are mandatory to meet WorkSafeBC and UBC requirements.

Personal Safety

UBC is committed to providing a safe environment for all members of the University community.

Workplace Inspections

Workplace Inspections are a proactive means of preventing the development of unsafe conditions in the workplace. There are many different types of inspections which are performed by different groups.