Risk Management Services provides training and education courses in various areas of expertise. These training sessions and courses are set up to allow individuals to be proficient in managing aspects of their jobs.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: (Vancouver Campus Only)
Due to scheduled renovations of the Vancouver Campus teaching laboratory, there will be interruptions to the practical training sessions of the RMS Biosafety, Chemsafety and Radiation Safety training programs. Starting February 2019, no practical training sessions will be offered. Biosafety and Chemsafety practical training sessions are anticipated to resume March 2019 while Radiation Safety practical training sessions are anticipated to resume July 2019. If you are planning field work using radioisotopes before July 2019 please contact the Radiation Safety Office or Janet Hankins. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Emergency Preparedness Training

Being prepared for an emergency requires training and practice.

Environmental Training

Training in the areas of Environmental Management, Hazardous Waste Management & Hazardous Waste Manifest.

Mandatory Training for All UBC Workers

All UBC Workers are required to complete these courses to meet WorkSafeBC and UBC requirements. At UBC, a worker includes, Senior Executives, Faculty, Staff, and Student workers.

Privacy & Information Security Fundamentals Training

Training addresses the fundamental knowledge we all need to protect the privacy & information security of the UBC community.

Research Safety Training

Promoting safe work practices in laboratory research that is in accordance with applicable regulations.

Safety Programs Training

Safety Programs training addresses workplace training requirements.