Active Shooter Campaign Toolkit 2016


Campaign dates: November 1 – December 15, 2016

Understanding what to do in the high-pressure reality of an active shooter on campus is difficult. UBC wants to prepare all campus users with a straight forward response script that they can use when under this intense pressure: Run, Hide, Fight. To give depth to these steps a brief training program is available either online at or in person through arrangement with UBC Risk Management Services (RMS).

Learn more about active shooter preparedness at

Please include in your communications material the week of November 1, 2016

  • Newsletter copy: Please include this write-up in your department/unit newsletter.
  • Digital signage: Please add to rotation if you have a digital sign on the UBC network.
  • 11 x 17 poster: Available to print from desktop printers.
  • Image files: Can be included in newsletters, websites, and/or emails, if needed.
  • Website badge: Can be included on your website or intranet, as needed.

Download ZIP file


Training support

  • Online training is available on the RMS website at:
  • Other training approaches including a facilitated discussion hosted by RMS staff or train-the-trainer are available.  If you have concerns about how this campaign may affect your area, please contact Danny Smutylo, UBC’s Manager, Emergency Management to discuss the best training approach for your particular group.