Emergency Preparedness Training

Being prepared for an emergency requires training and practice. See which training courses you may be eligible for and get started on your road to being well-prepared.

For in-person training sessions, contact the Director, Emergency Management.

Emergency Preparedness Training

Which emergency preparedness courses do I need?

If you are… Then take It includes
Faculty, staff or student Active Shooter Preparedness Online Training 1 online module with exam
Active Shooter Preparedness In-person Training
Contact the Director, Emergency Management
1 in-person training
Faculty or staff who is a floor warden or Building Emergency Director Floor Warden Training Course 1 online module and exam
Faculty or staff and part of the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) EOC Essentials 1 in-person practical session with an exam
EOC Task Force Training 1 in-person practical session with an exam
Faculty or staff who are part of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) Rapid Building Damage Assessment (ACT 20) 1 in-person practical session with an exam
Light Urban Search and Rescue 1 in-person practical session with an exam

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