Research Safety Training

Research Safety partners with researchers across campus to promote safe work practices in laboratory research that is in accordance with applicable regulations. Safety is an essential component of responsible, reproducible science. Training courses, both online and/or in-person are available.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: (Vancouver Campus Only)
Starting February 2019, no practical training sessions will be offered for the RMS Biosafety, Chemsafety, or Radiation Safety training programs due to the Vancouver Campus teaching laboratory.

Biosafety and Chemsafety practical training sessions are anticipated to resume March 2019 while Radiation Safety practical training sessions are anticipated to resume July 2019.

If you are planning field work using radioisotopes before July 2019 please contact the Radiation Safety Office or Janet Hankins. We apologize for any inconvenience.

In this section

Biosafety Training

Mandatory for all persons working with Risk Group 1-3 biohazards

Chemical Safety Training

Mandatory for all laboratory persons handling hazardous chemicals.

Diving Safety Training

Mandatory for scientific diving.

LASER Safety Training

Working with Class 3B or 4 LASERs

Radiation and X-Ray Safety Training

Mandatory for all permits holders or those working under a Radioisotope Permit.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods Training

Mandatory for those shipping and/or receiving biological or radioactive materials.

WHMIS Training

Mandatory for all workers who work with a hazardous product or may be exposed to a hazardous product in the course of their work activities.